Catalyst Tutorial Virtual Machine Downloads

The downloads are currently available in two format: VMWare and VirtualBox. The contents of all images should be the same, it's just a case of which type of "player" you want to use and what type of compression vs. download size you want.


CatalystTutorial.tar.bg2   (Bzip2 - 141MB) (NanoZip - 92MB)
CatalystTutorial.tar.gz (Gzip - 157MB)


CatalystTutorial.tar.bg2   (Bzip2 - 153MB) (NanoZip - 102MB)
CatalystTutorial.tar.gz (Gzip - 170MB)

Note: See Brief Instructions To Load a VirtualBox Image

X-Windows Image:

NOTE: If you are having trouble getting the network portion of the images above to work (or you just prefer to work locally in the VM using X-Windows), try this image. It is built using the FluxBox instructions in Chapter 1 of the Catalyst Tutorial. It is currently only available in NanoZip format for VMWare. (You can run VMWare images in VirtualBox if you want -- search on the Internet for instructions.)   (NanoZip - 135MB)